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Golfers at Shady Rest Country Club in the 1920's
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA Golfers enjoying an outing at Shady Rest Golf and Country Club in Scotch Plains.
Photo Credit: University of South Carolina Newsfilm Archives

Ella Fitzgerald and Chuck Webb
Duke Ellington introducing a young singer named Ella Fitzgerald, who delighted the crowd with "A-Tisket, A-Tasket."

Shady Rest also featured prominently on the Jersey musical circuit, drawing big names like Ellington, Count Basie, Cab Calloway, and Newark's Sarah Vaughan.

Children c. 1921
Children playing golf near Plainfield Ave. at the Shady Rest. c. 1920’s.

Vintage photo of the Shady Rest Country Club
Picture Post Card Circa 1921

James Baker
James Baker
James Baker was an interior decorator from Plainfield, NJ, a founding member and former Director of the Golf Club. In a September 1922 on-site interview with a white reporter from the now defunct New York Sun, Baker boasted that Shady Rest received 2500 visitors during its July 4, 1922 celebration. The reporter later wrote in a featured article that “In faultless white flannels and impeccable knickers they (the black members) sit upon the veranda consuming lemonade and ice cream discuss the important social event of the day.”

Photo Credit: University of South Carolina Newsfilm Archives

Watercolor of Shady Rest Country Club
Members of the Shady Rest Golf and Country Club 1925
This photo was taken on the veranda (now torn down) of the Shady Rest clubhouse on July 12, 1925.

Photo Credit: University of South Carolina Newsfilm Archives

 c. 1921

Children c. 1921
The Zeta Boule (New York) entertains the Grand Boule of the Sigma Pi PHI Fraternity at the Shady Rest Country Club

Green book
The Shady Rest Gold and Country Club was listed in “Green Book”. The Negro Motorist Green Book, popularly known as the Green Book, was a travel guide intended to help African American motorists avoid social obstacles prevalent during the period of racial segregation, commonly referred to as Jim Crow. The Green Book listed businesses that would accept African American customers.

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